Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Flag football is known as a kid’s sport or even a girl’s sport, but it is actually a fun, competitive way for men to keep playing football after not being able to play contact football anymore. All across the United States teams are competing in church, recreational and competitive leagues and competitions. This sport started as a kid’s sport but it is involving into a great men’s sport.

I personally play in flag football tournaments and competitions all year around and I love doing it. It is own little community where everyone knows each other and knows people just because they play flag. It is taken very serious and is a very competitive sport. I played high school football but me standing at 5’7 and only weighing 145 pounds never had a chance to go any further than that. Flag football provided me the outlet to keep playing a sport that I love and passionate about. It started with an intramural league at Florida State and now I am regularly involved in leagues around Pensacola with my team. We have inspirations to play in regionals in Mississippi and hopefully reach the next level and compete in nationals. I was always quick and fast ufabet เว็บแม่ enough to play football and this is the perfect place for me to play because weight does not matter.

Flag football involves so many types of people. Like I said earlier this sport is mainly looked at as a high school sport for girls and kids that want to play football but not contact. When it comes to men it involves all different types. I’ve seen guys as old as 65 playing flag and I’ve seen people that I would never expect to see playing football play. This sport brings guys together from every different area and genre. My old quarterback I used to play with was over 40 and I never seen anyone play that position better than him. In this area we have quite a few of famous flag football players. Doug Rogers and Kirk Slay are two to name that are actually in the ACIS Hall of Fame. I have played with these two players and they are some of the best athletes I have ever seen.

There are many different ways you can go about playing flag football. I have played in many systems and many different versions of flag. Depending if you are playing in a 7-7, 4-4, or even a co-ed league your plays are different and styles are different. 7-7 is your standard flag football league. It is the leagues that I have played in the most. Most of the time we go no huddle and have audibles and signs that depict what

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