Fri. May 20th, 2022

These days, there are many types of games that are out in the market like Online Games, First person shooting games, Adventure games, War games and many more. The kids of this generation are having a lot of fun playing these kinds of games and they don’t pay attention to games that improve memory. Some kids say that “it is so boring! I would rather play first person shooting games” and they do not even realize the fact that it is healthy for their brain.

Games like MATCHING PAIRS, is one good example of a memory improving game and the mechanics is very simple. Just look for the pair of the first card that you have flipped over, and whenever you do not find the pair of the card, you must flip back again the card and the other player takes the turn. But if you have flipped the same card (pair) it will stay faced up and you will again have another chance to look for another pair of card. This game is fun to be played with friends.

Jigsaw Puzzle also can improve your memory by looking at the picture of the puzzle and after a few seconds, after committing it to your memory, you can now scramble the pieces of the เว็บแทงบอล puzzle. Just by using your memory to picture out the image in the puzzle, you can easily solve the puzzle in no time, and at the same time, you are unaware that you have given your brain a good exercise. Jigsaw puzzles greatly help our brain to improve our memory and the good thing is it is very cheap.

Story telling is also good for kids (and adults too) as a brain exercise. While the story teller shares story to the listeners, I am sure that he/she will use his/her mind to picture out the scenario in the story. After telling the story, you can give the listeners a short quiz about the story. Just by giving them a quiz, you will also have the opportunity to tell which of them listens to you. A good listener is also a person that has a good memory. Story telling is also effective for kids to catch their attention.

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