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Most football teams seeking to gain a lot of wins in the regular season of the National Football League (NFL) in order to get into the playoffs prefer playing in their own stadiums. In football, this is called the home field advantage.

Most NFL bettors wager on football teams with a home field advantage. When making the NFL odds, most odds makers say that the home team have more points in their advantage, or more likely to score more goals, when competing against the visiting team. For instance, the Miami Dolphins will head to the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego to take on the San Diego Chargers for the week 4 NFL matchup. In this scenario, the Chargers will be the home team and are more likely to be favored by an average of two or three points.

There are several factors that play a role in giving the home team an advantage in the NFL.

Travel Wearies Visiting Team
Most people bet on the home team. In football, the home team seems to perform well, while the visiting team is more likely to struggle when playing. This is because visiting teams are likely to experience fatigue as a result of traveling. The stress or the mental weariness of traveling just to play at the opponent’s stadium can’t be downplayed when it comes to assessing the away team’s chances of winning.

Fans’ Support
Teams have greater fans support when playing on their home field. Playing before thousands of passionate fans makes it more difficult for visiting teams to grab a victory. A study showed that a home team’s advantage increases by 0.1 goals for every additional 10,000 fans present at a stadium. However, the  เว็บยอดนิยม ufabet study also revealed that more penalties are being given to home teams, which can be attributed to unskilled referees.

Venue Familiarity
In football, familiarity with home fields matters a lot. At Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado, for instance, there is 17% less oxygen available. This stadium may make it harder for visiting teams to breathe. It may take weeks before a visiting team gets used to altitude at this stadium. Thus, a team playing on this field against the Denver Broncos is less likely to win. Other stadiums that could make it tough for visiting teams to play are the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Metrodome in Minnesota, the Qwest Field in Seattle and the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, which was named by Sports Illustrated in 2005 as the “toughest place to play” in the NFL.

A home field advantage plays a significant role when a particular team gets into the playoffs. This is due to the fact that teams who have posted better game stats during the regular NFL season get the chance of playing more games on their home fields.

When waging on NFL, a bettor should look at home field advantage based on the home team’s matchup histories and

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