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The premier game of the Penn State football season in 2010 is the game at Alabama on September 11 in Tuscaloosa. This is a dream matchup not just for Penn State fans, but for Alabama fans an college football fans in general. Not only are these storied programs, it has lots of other intriguing components – legendary coaches, very good teams, awesome uniforms, and great conferences.

If you plan to road trip to this game, and if you are a true Penn State fan you likely are, we’ve got some of the critical information you need for your game weekend in Alabama. We’ve talked with some of sources in Alabama (both Bama fans and SEC fans who road trip there), and have some of the information you need to get the most of out of this fantastic road trip.

First of course, you need tickets. Penn State at Alabama tickets are going to be one of the toughest set of Penn State football tickets to get in a long time. If you a big time donor to the PSU alumni club, then you may already be getting your tickets through the University, but for the rest of us who aren’t, there luckily ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง are other options.

We’d highly recommend looking online for your Penn State vs Alabama game tickets. The most popular place to get tickets today tends to be eBay, but there are also plenty of other online auction sites, and specialty sites for college football tickets or Penn State game tickets. If you do enough searching, you can usually find the right type of seats for you, depending on your price range, seat location, or other important factors like a parking pass.

Next, in regards to you trip to Bama game weekend, you need to decide if you are going to set your base camp in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham. We’d recommend Birmingham for mainly because of the quality of the lodging. There are way more quality hotels in Birmingham than in Tuscaloosa. Note that B’ham is about 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa (where University of Alabama is), and has plenty if not more to do than T-town.

So if you’re in Birmingham, you’ll next know what there is to do over the weekend. The simple answer is: Birmingham Southside! This is the part of the town to hit for fun and craziness, plenty of restaurants and bars. You’ll hear people talk about hitting the Galleria part of town, and that is ok, but a little more generic and not as a unique experience as Southside.

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